“High density” is a hot buzzword in Herriman. We need to recognize the difference between high density housing and affordable housing. We can achieve affordable housing through many methods.

I want to introduce the idea of a “seamless city.” A seamless city means having a balanced mix of housing options interwoven throughout the city. This method of planning and development provides opportunities for starters, start-overs, growing families, and empty nesters alike to enjoy the lifestyles they choose and to be neighbors. I want Herriman to feel seamless for all our neighbors.


Technology is the basic tool of our modern economy. We need to ensure we are keeping up with our future by running fiber, ensuring city-wide 5G cell coverage, and connecting our people and businesses with modern economic markets.

Just as importantly, we need to ensure that our children understand those same technological tools by working with schools and students to promote STEM learning. I would like to start a Herriman City Science Fair that includes everyone! Let’s showcase how incredible Herriman really is.



Our city council meetings should be organized around citizens’ time. Our citizens are productive and busy and don’t necessarily have the six hours to spare that city council meetings can often take. I believe we should better organize meeting times in order for our neighbors to bring their ideas to the city council. More time for citizens means more involvement, more involvement means better planning, and better planning means a better community.