James Young

Herriman Business Owner

Bout Time Pub & Grub Sports Bar

As a local business owner I support Jared Esselman for Mayor. He has the executive experience we need in the office of Mayor. He also has the skill set we need of managing large budgets, managing diverse staff and managing the policy process to benefit Herriman.

Carlos and Mac Tapia

Herriman Business Owners

La Garnacha

Jared is our choice for Mayor. He understands the importance of locally owned family businesses to our quality of life, and the impact small businesses like ours have on the tax base for our city. We are all in Esselman4Herriman!

Adam Robertson

Utah State Representative

“I have enjoyed working with Jared for several years in capacities both private and public. Jared is always upbeat and meets every challenge with a smile. He can work through complex problems, communicate and organize interest holders, negotiate solutions among various stakeholders, and drive toward common ground. Jared is both passionate and compassionate, and I am pleased to endorse him in his bid for Mayor of Herriman.”

Tulinda Larsen


Utah Advanced Manufacturing Initiative

“I support Jared Esselman for Mayor. Jared has the executive leadership skill set to leverage global and national economic market opportunities to create new local benefits for Utah and for Herriman.”

Major Jon White

U.S. Air Force

“Jared is my wingman, he is my family. We served together in both Iraq and Afghanistan. His ability to keep calm in high-stress situations and more importantly, to lead others through those situations, is unquestionable. He was highly decorated by the Air Force because of his dedication and commitment to his fellow airmen and his service to our country. I am proud to support Jared as Mayor of Herriman.”

Nathan Millecam


EP Systems

“Jared Esselman has served Utah well with his transformative leadership style while serving as Aeronautics Director.  Jared has the ability to translate visionary ideas into tangible actions with pragmatic policies that balance multiple stakeholders needs.  He is smart, engaging, and a champion for the communities he’s served.”

Scott Leslie

Senior Manager,
Marketing Operations


“As a fellow Herriman resident, I am pleased to support Jared Esselman for Mayor. Over the years, Jared and I have discussed many opportunities for Herriman City and his desire to serve and act is unparalleled. He has an incredible capacity to communicate, learn, and listen to all around him. He brings a fresh perspective on long-term success that will enable Herriman to become a more commercially competitive and well balanced city.”

Shawn Milne

Economic Development Director of Cache County

Former Commissioner of Tooele County

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jared in a professional capacity for several years and know him to be very talented and capable of managing staff, large capital budgets, and strengthening relationships. His track record of public policy and executive leadership is proven in Utah. I am happy to support Jared for Mayor.”